Off-piste Davos Jan/Feb 2004

(Pictures from 2003 here)

From left: Geir Magnussen, Ørnulf Wang Sandaas.

Behind the camera Øyvind Harboe.

One of our favourite runs north west of Weissflühjochgipfel.

Some gentle slopes before we arrive back on the piste...

Ørnulf at the top of Weissflühjochgipfel. Øyvind taking the picture. This is a great run, but there is a 100m elevation to climb back up at the bottom :-)

Øyvind Harboe at the top of the run towards Klosters.

Towards the forest above Klosters...

Slight miscommunication between photographer and photographee. Invisible on the picture down and to the left of me there is an open stream that I'm making some quick “adjustments” to avoid. :-)

This picture shows the most important thing: large areas of fresh snow to ourselves. Those are all our tracks!

And the slopes go on forever...

Executed properly, telemark skiing is actually quite stylish.

This picture is taken from the top of the Pischa-Wolfgang run. 800 m elevation.

To infinity and beyond! :-)

No skiing trip is entirely complete without excellent food and drink in the sun!